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"The mission of SCICAP, Inc is to provide advocacy and services for disadvantaged persons and bring about change for the benefit of the people we serve and the community at large."

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"Be the Reason someone smiles today"

On my office wall there are big letters saying, "Be the reason someone Smiles Today".  While working at my desk in early December, a fellow came in and said, "I'm here to give you something instead of getting something from you".  He handed me a lovely card with the following hand written note: To SCICAP, Thank you for a new furnace!  As a veteran now disabled, this is the first help I've had from anybody.  You people do good work!  Thank you from an Army veteran."  I must tell you my eyes watered up a bit.

With his permission, I would like to tell you a little about this fellow.  This is someone who served his country and then worked at the VA Hospital for many years helping take care of others. After a forced retirement due to injury he applied for Social Security.  His furnace finally gave out at the end of last winter and he had been using his oven to heat 3 rooms in his house.  A friend who worked for a similar "Community Action type" program in Missouri encouraged him to come to our office.  Having never asked for help before, he was a bit hesitant.

It was a pleasure to assist him in getting not only a new furnace but heat assistance through the SCICAP Liheap program.  He also received information about the local food pantry and how to apply for food stamps if he chooses to.  It was another good day for smiles.

Tina Maddison

Monroe County Outreach Coordinator


FaDSS, Changing Lives for the Better

Brenda Fry, a Family Development Specialist, tells a story of one of the many families helped through her program with SCICAP.  This story was read by the mother in the family at the FaDSS Day on the Hill at the State Capitol.  Brenda wanted to share a condensed version of her speech. 

I was raised in a very loving family.  My parents made sure we were provided for and supported in and out of school.  Life was stable and it gave me a foundation that has never left me.

At nineteen, I left college and moved to a religious community, giving up almost all my possesions and living with no running water or electricity, to follow something I thought was promising and good.  I lived there for 20 years but left in 2011 with a husband and 4 sons.

My husband started working and I cleaned homes but my husband had a terminal illness so I knew I needed to return to college to complete my degree.  I was accepted in the Iowa Works Program and informed about FaDSS.  I said yes, I wanted to be in the program.

This is when I met Brenda Fry, with a smile and a demeanor that told me I had someone on my side.  She told us all of the resources available and helped to keep track of all of this so we didn't miss out on any opportunity.  She came to see me regularly and helped me set goals.  She was my cheerleader on my whole journey and stayed with me every step of the way. When my marriage crumbled she was my pilllar of strength.

Now as I finish my education and enter the job world, I realize I have resources and supports. Brenda saw my strong foundation and resiliency and pointed them out to me often.  She kept my strengths in front of me.  She gave me hope.